Vintage Camper Project

I needed something cheerful to work on during this pandemic. We purchased a 1965 Nomad camper for our church. My good friend Sam Heys and I traveled up to Morristown, Tennessee this past Monday to pick it up. It was quite the adventure that included a beautiful story of the woman who sold it to us (I’ll tell it later). And we were accompanied by Ben Bishop who will help us with the renovation. (Ben is also in a Nirvana cover band and plays around the Atlanta area). The aim is to renovate the camper into a mobile hospitality camper for the church. In particular, we plan to use it in our Christmas Tree lot at Haygood as a hot chocolate bar.

This might be one of the more crazy ideas I have pursued, but that’s what a pandemic will do to you. My bigger hope is that a fun vintage camper with lights and Christmas cheer will be a small sign of hope during a dark time. The plan is to use the proceeds to support In-town Collaborative ministry, the local food bank. I’ll keep you posted on our progress as we go along. The inside of the camper had already been renovated with vinyl flooring, side paneling, lights and electrical outlets. The next step is to cut out the serving window and give it a good paint job. I’ll keep you updated. And here’s a shameless plug…if you want to contribute to the renovations, let me know. We have some ideas about some extra add ons. Many thanks to the North Georgia Conference for a hospitality grant to help us purchase it.

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