Good morning fall

It’s hard to believe we’re in the 7th month of COVID. School has started back for our children. I’m at home today. I have to give a big shout out to our school system. We’re doing virtual learning. Last Spring when we did virtual learning, parents were asked to teach our children. That was pretty rough given I was also trying to balance leading our church. This fall, the teachers are teaching them. Our main job is to make sure all their devices are working.

I have been trying my best to keep a normal schedule. On most mornings I am at the gym before 7 for a HIIT class. We do the class outside. Dripping in sweat, I hurry back to help Blair get the kids plugged in for the day before taking a shower. The routine is good. No doubt, there are some days that are harder than others.

We have so much to digest each day. We’re entering an election season. We’re dealing racial tensions in our country. I’m working hard to be a bridge builder in these conversations while at the same time trying to articulate my support of our African American community. They need to be heard. Far too long they have gone unheard! (When we try to deny racism still exists, we just sound crazy). If you’ve grown up in the south like I have, you know the racism is there and you know we’ve all been a part of it. And you know we have also seen beautiful moments of compassion and love. That’s the strange thing about living in my part of America. There’s so much love and hate twisted together.

The African American experience with law enforcement is far different than mine and is drenched with injustice over the long haul of their time in America. I’m also sympathetic to the cries of our law enforcement. It’s not fair to paint them with a broad brush. Their hurts and cries need to be heard too. Their public service and courage must be valued and appreciated. There must be some way to build bridges in the midst of this. I feel the divisiveness will only grow in a political season which means we need more voices to seek peace and justice with compassionate and listening hearts.

Enough rambling for today. The kids are done with their ‘brain break’ and it’s time to get back to tech support. 

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