Lessons in the hearse

I had just finished officiating the funeral in the chapel at the funeral home. Instead of taking my own car to the graveside for the burial, the funeral director invited me to ride up front with him.

It was December and cold that day. As we drove, I asked him.

“How is your team at the funeral home?”

“Well, we’re entering our busy season.”

I said, “What do you mean? I didn’t know there were different seasons for funeral homes.”

He said, “Oh, yes, winter is tough for folks. It’s so dark and cold. If people are real sick, they just give up their will to fight. You get a lot of suicides too.”

As we enter this most holy season of Advent and Christmas, I’m also reminded of this funeral director’s lesson. People also give up during this time. If that’s you, hang on. God is working in your life and God is with you. There are people who love you. There is joy and their is hope. This season is about new birth. God can give a new birth to you.

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