Camper Update

We’re just 5 days from premiering our vintage camper. There’s still work to do, but here are the latest updates. We installed the new serving window and it’s huge. For our hot chocolate bar, the plan is to have “quaranteams” in the camper. It should be spacious and open enough to hold a family of 5 inside as they serve up hot chocolate and cider.

We have also worked on our bar top and it should be installed today. It was more work than I anticipated. Our guy Ben had to take it to a planer in Rutledge, Georgia because of the size. Then we sawed it down to the right dimensions. Then came the sanding. I was amazed to feel how smooth you can make wood. I learned about the different grades of sand paper. Then the staining. I love the craftsmanship. I was reminded of the scripture’s testament that Jesus was the son of a carpenter.

Although I am no woodworker myself, I do enjoy learning craft. My craft is words. Using words is a craft with similarities to woodworking. You need some good raw material. You dream what the story could be and begin. Once you have have a rough cut, you trim the word count to the appropriate size. Make it tight. Sand down the rough sentence structures. Coat it with some colorful words to give it some gloss.

Sam worked hard on the electricity and the outlets work inside the camper. I helped with some of the painting and was reminded how satisfying working with your hands can be. We finished the painting the top half white. We’ll paint the trim a fun turquoise this week.

In the midst of this, we’ve also renovated Haygood’s old tree lot camper. It was in rough shape. We had originally thought about using it for our hospitality bar, but it just was not in good enough shape. Instead, we decided to gut it and use it for storage for the tree lot tools. We’re going to give it fresh paint job and make it picture worthy for family Christmas photos.

Here are some pictures of both campers. I hope you enjoy. We’ll have more to post in a few days.

Here’s Sam replacing the rusty screws. You can also the paint design. We’re keeping the blue arrow.
This is the old camper. We have worked hard on getting it structurally sound inside. Now we need to give it fresh coat of paint this week.
I went ahead and painted the trailer hitch and an empty propane tank (that’s the color of the trim).
This is the renovation of the inside of the tree lot camper. It will be used for tools.

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