The door’s open.

This morning I was heading to my church (Haygood UMC) to watch my 6 year old play basketball. A funny thing happened. A young boy ahead of me approached the church doors and tried to call the receptionist to open the door. There was no receptionist because it was a Saturday.

His dad looks at him and says, “Son, the door is open. You’re used to it being locked during the week when there’s preschool.”

The kid opened the door with a bit of curiosity on his face. It occurred to me that he was conditioned to think the door was locked, but indeed it was open. I thought to myself, “How many times does this dynamic happen to us? The door is open, but we are conditioned to think it’s locked.”

On this MLK weekend, I’m reminded that Martin Luther King Jr. was a leader who opened doors previously locked to African Americans. I’m sure there were moments along the journey that brave men and women who integrated schools and entered the polling lines for the first time approached those doors like that kid this morning thinking the doors were still locked. I’m thankful they are not. I stand in awe and humility of people who spoke out and witnessed like Jesus with non-violent protest, were beaten and even killed to ensure those doors are open today.

Lord, help me to do my part, repent of my sin, and use my position, to open new ones.

Happy MLK weekend!


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